Why hello there everyone Evan Retros here and i guess im a new staff member? I practicly run the site. And YES me and Flame did talk over this. So i hope your all fine with that. Thx

HEY, YOU GUYS! Long time no post, for whoever may read this. HERE IS A BIG UPDATE FOR YOU GUYS PARAPHRASED:

-One of our Staff Members, Reece, is opening up a hotel this
upcoming Sunday called HabTwist Hotel! *Warning: This hotel will start off as Hamachi but we be switched soon!* 

-We have let go of a few staff due to inactivity, so we will be hiring for Habbo Retros soon :)

-Trial Moderator applications for HabTwist Hotel are out! Details are posted on our Habbo Retros page and on our new HabTwist Hotel Facebook page! Come invite your friends to like our HabTwist Hotel page so our hotel will start off BIG!

Now for our biggest one yet... ;D


Furthermore, we thank you all for helping us and supporting us for earning likes. As a reward: a hotel for you! Obviously HabTwist! You guys deserved it! ;)

-We will try to post 3 hotel links each week! So, PM, e-mail, or post your hotel link on our Facebook page, etc.
-WE REALLY WANT YOU GUYS TO PARTICIPATE IN OUR EVENTS! Seriously. We might do a Picture Contest. Whoever wins may get a staff position on our hotel!


WE HAVE FINALLY DONE IT! We have finally reached 500 likes on our Facebook page! And it's all thanks to YOU! This is the best day in Habbo Retro history. Remember this day as January 18, 2013. We have finally did it. We would like to thank you guys for supporting us. And that DOES NOT MEAN STOP! Keep inviting your friends :D You guys are the best, and just remember that! 
We also have a new Staff Member on board: Jordan, our new MOD. Welcome him! He should be making a hotel for us soon! So, KEEP A LOOK OUT! WE <3 YOU GUYS! And keep going. Keep playing retros, anyone and everyone! -Danny, Brian, James, S

HEY, YOU GUYS WHO ARE ACTUALLY LOOKING! So, we have finally made our decision of our new staff member. Welcome to our Staff Team....SHANA! She's our new Moderator who takes care of the page whenever the other staff are offline. Give her a big congratulations and a warm welcoming, too! 

As you know, we have been inactive lately and we once shut down the page for a month or so. But we promise, NO MORE INACTIVITY! We are thinking about hiring just 1 more staff member just to keep the page going a bit faster. Share our page with your friends from your hotels and tell them to please like it! We are almost close to 500 likes :O ! So close! And follow us on Twitter: @HABBO_R3TR0. Let's get going :D -Staff Team

HEY GUYS! If you read our Facebook page, then you must know that we need more Staff Members because we only have 3 Staff Members currently. Fill in some applications and message them to us on Facebook, here, or on our Twitter page Habbo_R3TRO. Let's get some more likes and followers. We will soon be having an Instagram and a Kik soon! Look out for it!

HEY GUYS!! Missed us? Well just know that we are BACK ON TRACK! Let's go! Let's get some more likes! If you have liked our Facebook page, then you must know our recent post about hiring a new staff member at 390 likes! An application form is on the post to! Copy and paste and fill out the provided questions. Then copy and paste your entry and post it on our wall! We will look at your entry ASAP! So don't worry about us not seeing. We only have 3 Staff Members...so we need more talented, experienced, and productive new Staff Members! We need Staff Members that be active when other Staff Members are doing something else! Our goal is 7 Staff! GOOD LUCK!
Christmas is coming soon! Comment on this post on what you want from Christmas and comment some retros for us too so that we can visit your retro and greet you in this holiday season! We will not be active on December 24th- January 10th! REMEMBER THAT! We will be visiting your retro before AND after these dates. AND WE HAVE A BIRTHDAY COMING UP ON DECEMBER 19TH: FLAME! Wish him a happy birthday on your free will on the Facebook page or on Twitter! NOW LET'S GET SOME LIKES AND MORE FOLLOWERS! -Staff Team of Habbo Retros

In the words of Kelsey: "Ermmagawd!" We have reached yet another goal of 230+ likes on Facebook!!! *CELEBRATION* And more followers on Twitter too! Let's get more! AND for an extra note, we will be hosting more events to get the boredom out of you guys just in case your retro isn't working or you cannot find any good retro. THANKS YOU GUYS! -STAFF TEAM

HEY YOU GUYS!! So, we have a bit changes to the Staff Team due to inactivity. If you will like to see the changes to the Staff Team, then you can visit the Staff page on this site ^_^! ALSO: We will be hiring more staff soon! SO BE ACTIVE! AND BE NICE AND FRIENDLY TO OTHER USERS AND STAFF MEMBERS! Some Helpful Hints: *Should Do @ Least 2 Of Our Events* *Must Be Active* *Friendly (of course)* *Post Hotels That Deserve To Be Approved/Disapproved*  Hope Those Help You Out A Bit ;) -Staff Team

We only need 9 more likes and then we've reached our goal! :D You guys are making us prouder every single time! Good Going You Guys & Let's Get Those Last 9 Likes, Shall We?
The contest that was 'secret' was cancelled though to staff privileges and future events that were unknown but known now. We'll see what we can do for you guys at 200 LIKES :D Keep Going You Guys! -Staff Team

YOU GUYS ARE SO COOL! We now have 17 new followers on our Twitter! Keep Going You Guys! We are doing absolutely fantastic because of you guys! Our Twitter name is Habbo_R3TR0 ; Follow Us! 

We are now introducing our Forums page! Just hold your mouse on More.. And you will see Forums pop up! It is still being edited but it is able to be used! So if you have any ideas or anything at all you'd like to share with us, just comment on the Forums page and we will check it out! You can still comment on our Daily Posts and everything else you guys :)

So Like We Said: KEEP GOING! Because we're getting better and better each day because of you guys! Don't forget to Like our Facebook Page too and invite your friends! -Staff Team